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Get ready for a relaxing Salt Cave Spa treatment.  Here is everything you kneed to know to get ready for your visit.



Book and Schedule an appointment

If you have already booked, GREAT.  Continue to step 2.

If you need to book please use this link to Schedule your appoinment.


What to wear

  1. Comfortable loose clothing.  
  2. White socks preferred
Yoga Class Participants
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What is not allowed

  1. Cell phones
  2. No smoking

  3. Strong scents (Perfume, Cologne, Marijuana, Smoke)


What is allowed

  1. Beverages:  Water, Tea, Coffee, etc
  2. Purses and personal items (other than phones and electronics) can be brought into the salt cave.

Cup of Tea


Getting there


Directions:  The Salt Escape is hidden away in Arlington Town Square (which some like Google maps find difficult to locate)

Following these instructions will help.

1. To park (and for GPS) use the Starbucks address of

33 South Evergreen, 60005


2.  From there, enter the free parking garage below. 


3.  As entering parking TURN RIGHT


4.  Use first elevator or stairwell on right to "Main" level


5.  Black SALT ESCAPE awning is on Right


On arrival:

  1. Arrive early:  at least 15 mins prior is suggested, especially for first-time visitors.  Appointments start ON TIME (no late refunds).  To respect the experience of ALL visitors, the doors close ON THE HOUR, and the session is then closed.  PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE THE HOUR BEGINS to assure entry.
  2. Check-in at the desk

  3. Secure your personal items such as cell phones & keys in lockers provided in the waiting area.

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I​n The Salt Cave

  1. No talking or whispering in the cave…many visitors use that time for meditation, peace, and relaxation.  It is a time to disconnect and recharge.

  2. Find a great spot to relax and enjoy.

  3. Zero gravity chairs open up your spine, hips, and shoulders to allow nutrients in.

  4. Salt-filled benches where you can barely yourself and observe the vibration and energy for the pure Himalayan salt.

  5. Back meditation room where you’ll find a deep bed of thousands of pounds of mineral-rich Himalayan salt

  6. Relax & ENJOY the many healing benefits of this unique spa experience.


End of Session

  1. A salt cave host will come open the door 5 minutes prior to the end of your session to allow you time to slowly adjust to your salt cave journey's end.

  2. Gather your things.  In a state of relaxation, many forget to collect all their items.  Please check before you leave to assure you have all of your things.

  3. Feel encouraged to book your next session early.

  4. Leave the salt on your skin as your body will absorb more of the vitamins and minerals that your body craves.

  5. Pay attention to your sleep patterns for the next few days, as many report improvement.

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