Angel Reiki

with Samantha Wood


Do you wish you could connect to the Angels? Join Samantha at the Salt Escape for a guided meditation and energy transmission that will attune you to the Angelic Realm.  Samantha has been working with the energy of the Angels for nearly ten years.  She has had countless experiences and encounters with the Angels and wants to assist you in opening up the lines of communication with the Angels as well!  The evening will begin with a small talk on Angels and then we will do a guided meditation to clear your chakras and energetic field so that your energy is in alignment with the pure graceful energies of the Angelic Realm.  This meditation will also calm your mind and center you into your heart where you can be in your most receptive state.  After the meditation, Samantha will offer Reiki with the assistance of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.  Angel Michael is commonly known as the protector and emanates a beautiful blue indigo colour; he also assists in energetic cord removal, banishing fear, repairing the aura from damage, and also supports us in obtaining our life goals. Michael’s energy has a way of clearing out what is inhibiting you from reaching your goals.  Angel Raphael, whose colour ray is brilliant emerald green, is known as the “healer” and can bring great balance and support to the body by either easing our suffering/pain or assisting us in making proper choices to maintain health in the body.

The cost is $60 - cash only

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