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“I just want to commend you on a new business I have encountered that I feel is a decided asset to your city, The Salt Escape on River Street.  Recently my orthopedic physician suggested that I could help a situation I have had with my knee where a wound was having a problem healing by going to a beach where I could find salt water.  Not being near a beach, I opted to try the Salt Escape.  Surprisingly enough, the incision healed right after I had availed myself of the relaxing atmosphere and therapeutic benefits of the Himalayan salt room. It has been over two weeks and the incision hasn’t reopened.  Previously, I had been dealing with a persistently draining incision since early March (6 months) that my doctors finally felt I would “just have to live with”.  Needless to say, I am overjoyed to have found this apparent solution to my problem so close to home.”.


-Frances S.





“I am a Navy Vet with MST (PTSD) issues.  I am a retired Sheriff’s Deputy who worked 10 years with Juvenile Neglect & Abuse (and Delinquency).  In April 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer.  I went into remission in November 2017.   I share all this information about myself to give testimony to the effectiveness of the many visits I’ve made to the Salt Escape in Batavia.  The owner, Tim, is a retired firefighter who ran into burning buildings his entire career to save people.  This is his second and new career and he continues to try to save us from the danger of our own making by providing us an escape.  Open your mind.  I just completed my 21st visit since finding The Salt Escape in February 2018.  I have been amazed by the healing I have experienced under the direction of a very knowledgeable staff. The healing of my scars physically, along with spiritually and emotionally have been measurable.  My stress levels brought on by my career choices have decreased significantly.  I no longer need high blood pressure medicine.  I am sleeping much more soundly.   The 10.5 inch scar following surgery in August 2017 now measures at just over 8 inches and my infusion scar is barely visible.  The inflammation of the neuropathy has lessened in intensity.  My overall joint and muscle pain is now tolerable without opioids and ibuprofen is needed less often.  I have been blessed with exceptional oncology surgeons and care throughout but I have found The Salt Escape to be an investment in my recovery and major factor in learning to heal myself.  The on-site products available are varied and effective.  Don’t go into The Salt Escape expecting a cold, stark, cave-like environment.  The atmosphere is one of a friend’s beach shack at sunset with starts drifting overhead and waves crashing on the shore.  Zero gravity beach chairs have you floating pain free.  One hour in the Salt Escape absorbing the Himalayan salts is equal to 3 days ocean front with all the restorative healing powers.  Open your Mind.  Open your Spirit.  Heal your body, mind and soul.  Be good to yourself in this stress-filled world of our creation.  Check into the Salt Escape.  Be well.”.


-Diane F.





Amazing experience.  Purchased a Groupon in December thinking it would be great for my asthma.  I was diagnosed with mediastinal breast cancer in January and have had painful trouble breathing and little voice.  My daughter and I went yesterday and for the first time since January I can take a deep breath with no pain!  She purchased a punch card for me to go 5 more times!  I am praying that it will help with my voice as well. 


-Susan G. 





A very special Thank You to the Salt Escape, Tricia Ruiter and Reflexology with Kristy!  For anyone looking for a unique venue for a girl's night or a bachelorette, look no further!  We had our sisters Bachelorette party there Saturday night and it was amazing! We started with drinks across the street and then we had a private cave session with BOTH your Psychic and Reflexologist! It was amazing. Most of us have probably done all the clubs, wine and painting, etc., but this was so unique and different! Tricia was spot on with the readings and she really blew us away with what she said. Kristi made our time in the cave so special and relaxing while we took turns receiving our readings. Your location is beautiful and so close to many restaurants. It was a little slice of heaven right here and just made our night so special.  Thank you to all involved for making our night so special and one we will never forget!  We are looking forward to making this a yearly get-together (maybe even twice a year!).  We can't wait to do it all again!  


-Debbie D.

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