Salt Therapy Pricing



Salt Therapy Session


Single 50-Minute Session:  $30


Child Sessions 


Single 50-Minute: $30 per child (regardless of age)

$30 per adult   


*must be accompanied by an adult


* Kid friendly sessions are based on availability, please call

the same day to check for openings and to schedule


*Groupons and Punch Cards are not valid for kid friendly sessions




Five (5) 50-Minute Sessions:          $100

Twenty (20) 50-Minute Sessions:   $200



Salt Room Memberships


Unlimited 50-Minute Sessions / month: $149 per person*

- month to month term -

Members may cancel their membership in writing with a 30 day notice



Private Sessions


Single 60-Min. Session  $20/per person

Single 90-Min. Session  $30/per person


Requires a minimum of 6 people


A non refundable deposit of $120 for the 60 min session and $180 for

the 90 min session is required at the time of booking to hold the room  


IIf more than 6 people are attending they will be required to pay per person cost.


Private sessions can not be booked during the 2 hour Tuesday sessions at either location


No private bookings available on Saturday or Sunday at our Arlington Location






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