New Moon Sound Bath

with Samantha


Join Samantha in celebration of the New Moon in Scorpio with meditation and sound healing in the salt cave! Meditating in a group can enhance your own practice and focus, deepen your ability to relax, supports community and connection, and has the potential to send out a healing energetic pulse to the collective! Samantha will lead the guided meditation and follow with a sound bath of various instruments such as the singing bowls, bells, rattles, and Shamanic drum. Each individual will also be smudged with Sacred Palo Santo to bless, cleanse, and protect the energy field.

The new moon phase represents new beginnings and is a great time to set intentions for what you wish to manifest, desire, or birth into reality! Scorpio symbolism represents death, rebirth, transformation, metamorphosis, and exposing/exploring your deep emotions. This new moon will help lift the veil and reveal what needs to be attended to emotionally and mentally as we move into the darker days of the upcoming winter months. What emotions can you shed from past experiences that may be inhibiting you from birthing something new? What is hiding beneath the surface of your psyche and are you willing to release another layer of limitation, doubt, fear, or insecurity? What areas of your life need to be tended to in order for you to grow into your optimal self? This is a powerful time for developing your authenticity, embracing your uniqueness, and coming into a deeper awareness of your own individual truth.

Cost: $30
Due to limited seating in the cave, pre-registration is required! (unless you don't mind laying in the salt :P )

Please follow the paypal ticket link to pre-register or email me at

About your facilitator:
Samantha Wood is a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Channel, and Sound Priestess with a background in Nursing. She believes each of us has the ability to heal ourselves and maintain a state of wellness when given the right tools, nurturing, and environment. She strives to create sacred space for her clients to release energies that may be causing stress in their lives. She offers private Reiki sessions, group meditations, sound healings, and art workshops in the community.


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