Letting Go: An Archangel Michael Activation

with Samantha and Sandy


Join Psychic Sandy and Intuitive Channel Samantha Wood for an evening in the Salt Cave! Sandy will guide you through a meditation that will mentally cut the negative connection between you and another person, while keeping the positive connection intact. This is a healthy way to strengthen the love connections with the cherished people in your life.

The channeled energy of Archangel Michael will help us to transcend through this process. The second part of the meditation is calling in our lost soul pieces restoring ourselves back to being energetically whole again and returning the soul pieces that we have borrowed from others. During the guided meditation Reiki Master Samantha will be spreading her reiki love to each person in the cave and Sandy will join in after the guided part of the meditation.

Many people that have done this meditation have found that the person that they choose to “Disconnect,” with during the meditation ended up contacting them and sometimes apologizing. This meditation works with the higher self of the people that you want to strengthen your relationship with. This works with any relationship, lovers, ex-lovers, co-workers, family members, friends anyone in your life.

You can expect to feel rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, blissful and much lighter after leaving the cave!


-Cutting cords
-letting go of negative thoughts stored inside of us
-returning borrowed pieces of others
- Restoring ourselves by collecting back pieces of ourselves
- Becoming energetically whole and refreshed


$60, pre-registration is required due to limited seating


DM or email findbalance@samanthawood.net for questions and to secure your spot.  Space is limited!

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